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Maa Supreme Safaris is a Kenyna safari tour operator based in Nairobi specializing in African Safari packages. We take pride for having a team of professionals who have traveled in Africa and now works to ensure that our clients both acquire a unique and educational experience of African wildlife, landscape and culture.

Since our inception, Maa Suprem Safaris has catered to numerous international clients in various continents particularly in Europe, America, and Asia.

Why Choose Us

Our company works with travel operators from international markets to update our ways of delivering our services. We also have a marketing team that studies the profile of our target clients to ensure that we can best meet their expectations

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We aim to be the leading provider of safari packages and related travel services to both local and international markets. We will achieve this by delivering optimum customer service rooted in our continuous training and market research. We will lead a positive change by upholding sustainable business practices and protecting the African wildlife. Through this, we endeavour for tourism in Africa to prosper and uplift its image as a dream holiday destination for everyone in the world to see.


The mission of Maa Supreme Safaris is to be the leading travel and related services company of choice, providing premier services and innovative options to all customers.

  • We will accomplish this by:
    Ensuring that we have the best qualified and trained professional staff
  • Expanding market strength through superior service levels
  • Developing business opportunities through unique travel services that meet all business and leisure travel needs
  • Maintaining flexibility to adapt to local and international market trends
  • Establishing our team as the optimum service provider
  • Operating continuously in compliance with applicable industry principles and standards
  • We ensure competence of our team through regular trainings
  • We practice honesty, transparency, and integrity in all our business dealings
  • We continuously develop business opportunities through relevant travel services that meet diverse business and leisure travel needs
  • We keep our team abreast with local and international market trends
  • We provide excellent customer service
  • We operate in compliance with ethical and sustainable industry principles and standards