Best Time to GO

Between June to October (Dry Season) and January to February (Calving Season)


High Season

Between June and July (Great Migration)


Best Know for

Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar and where the Great Migration begins.

All About Tanzania

Tanzania is a vast country filled with many adventures for anyone who comes to visit this land. With its picturesque landscape ranging from the peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the beaches of Zanzibar there is much to see in this country. If you are after the Great Migration this would be the best place to start. The Ngorongoro crater is one of the country’s best attractions with its unique history being an intact caldera and of course the wildlife in this area of Tanzania does not disappoint. From bush to fun at the beach, Tanzania has every kind of adventure for you.

The diversity and abundance of Tanzania’s wildlife remains to be one of the most captivating in the entire world. Home to the Great Migration, Tanzania displays a great deal of game all throughout the year. Its vast plains are dotted with more than 4 million wild animals, making it the country with the largest concentration of animals per square meter in the world. Aside from the Big Five that you can easily spot around, Tanzania also holds the largest elephant concentration in East Africa. It is also the primary home of the world-famous tree-climbing lions. With such an exotic wildlife, Tanzania is certainly an outstanding African adventure destination.




The Serengeti National Park is best known for the Great Migration that starts here. Herds and herds of wildebeests and zebras traversing through the Serengeti is definitely a yearly common event. Aside from this amazing event taking place, the Serengeti is also known for the number of large predators in the area. The Serengeti National Park is also a UNESCO Heritage Site. It’s truly a magical place to experience the beauty of Africa.

Mt, Kilimanjaro

Mt, Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Its summit known as Uhuru Point is 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level. Kilimanjaro once had three volcanic cones – Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi. Kibo is the tallest volcanic cone and is a dormant volcano. There are seven routes to choose from: Marangu Route, Rongai Route, Machame Route, Shira Route, Lemosho Route and Umbwe Route. Each route offers a different experience to hikers so it’s best to check out which one suits you more.



Zanzibar is an island 23 miles off from Tanzania’s mainland. It’s known for the historic sites and the scenic beaches. The Stone Town located in Zanzibar is always a great place to visit when you’re in the island. It happens to be a UNESCO Heritage Site. Stone Town was actually one of the world’s largest open slave markets. Back then many slaves: men, women and children were kept in crowded cellars with nothing to eat or drink. It’s truly a terrible situation to be in. Visiting Zanzibar will not only enlighten you on the historical events that took place here but of the culture in the area as well. The culture reflected here is one of a melting pot of the cultures of Africa, the Arab region, India, and Europe over more than a millennium.